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5 of 5 Stars      December, 2017

Gina’s counseling has created an immense amount of positive change in my life. My wife and I struggled for years to understand and intervene on deeply entrenched problems. We read books, attended workshops, and consulted other therapists, but nothing really helped. Gina provided brilliant insights, inspired wonderful clarity, and offered effective tools for change. Gina is, hands down, the most helpful therapist I have ever worked with..

5 of 5 Stars      April, 2016

Coming from a christian background, I had never given it a serious thought that counselling (with a therapist) is a tool for life’s difficulties. Then, my fiance and I met Gina and she really opened our eyes to effective communication in a relationship. She gained the trust of my fiance and it has set us on a path that makes us feel empowered and not alone. Her gentle approach and pragmatic counsel has really helped us in our relationship to resolve underlying issues surrounding intimacy and communication. I will continually be grateful for the tools that Gina offers us every time she sees us.

5 of 5 Stars      April, 2016

Gina doesn’t save marriages or people from their depression or problems. She empowers you to see your problems from a new perspective and gives you tools to attempt new approaches to problem solving. And your responsibility? Be receptive, ready to accept and face your mistakes, and an overwhelming drive to make change… You are about to embark on a journey to save yourself.

5 of 5 Stars      March, 2016

I’ve been having issues with my relationship for a decade and finally got to the point where I was convinced by a friend to try counseling on my own (wife refused to go). To say it was enlightening is an understatement- I now know that I am normal but with a partner who is just not compatible with my attachment style- it was like reading a chapter from my autobiography. Thanks you Gina.

5 of 5 Stars      December, 2015

Gina has become our marriage’s monthly tune-up.  We both look forward to our appointment with her because of how she makes us feel after an hour with her.  We are extremely grateful we found Gina.  Our relationship is solidifying because of her.

5 of 5 Stars      November, 2015

Gina has changed my life for the better and has enabled me to be my best self. She is understanding, compassionate and always with a side of humor. She is the BEST!

5 of 5 Stars     November, 2015

Gina got a hold of me alright. My first thought: Are you serious? My current thought: I asked for this. She brings it. Don’t look for a free pass or the easy way out. She isn’t that kind of therapist and you won’t get good results.” Really.

5 of 5 Stars      November, 2015

Gina is great! My husband and I had a “trust” issue in our relationship and Gina has been instrumental in helping us work through it. We tried someone else first and boy was that a mistake! My husband and I both wish we would have seen Gina first….the healing process would have been much quicker had we done so.

5 of 5 Stars      November, 2015

It was not my idea to seek out a therapist, but I am so glad I did, and I was fortunate enough that Gina was my first option. My first session I was nervous, but literally 5 minutes into it, those feelings were gone. Gina made me feel so relaxed and at ease. She gets right to the point and makes you see things in a whole different perspective. She’s not going to make you feel better about all the wrong decisions you’ve think you’ve made, she is going to make you see things for what they are, and lead you to ways that will make you grow as a person. Highly recommend seeing Gina! It was the best thing that I could have done for myself.

5 of 5 stars      September, 2015

Gina has helped me tremendously in such a short time. I’ve made incredible progress in healing and learning to be empowered by traumatic events instead of being defined by them. This is, by far, the best investment I could have made in myself.

5 of 5 stars      August, 2015

Like many, I was hesitant to start talking to a counselor, but it’s actually been a really amazing experience. I originally decided to pursue help because I haven’t found happiness in any of my relationships, but it’s turned into a thing where we’ve addressed a lot of anxiety and depression that I’ve felt and addressed those issues through counseling (no meds). I’ve still got a way to go, but when I look back, I’ve come a really long way in the months since she’s started helping me.

5 of 5 stars       June, 2015

I have already and will continue to recommend Gina to friends and family. She is helpful and insightful and I never feel judged or criticized. She has helped me reflect on some major aspects of my life and I’m grateful. I felt that I clicked with her from the first meeting and am so glad I was referred to her!

5 of 5 stars    June, 2015

I have seen probably a dozen therapists in my 24 years of life. None of them even come close to Gina. I never once felt judged by anything I told her and she helped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I still find myself using her advice in my own life and suggesting it to friends. Gina is incredibly accommodating and tailors her appointments to the needs of each client. She genuinely cares and wants to see the lives of her clients improve.

 5 of 5 stars      May, 2015

Gina is the best out there. When searching for a good therapist I wanted someone who would say what needs to be said not just say what is easy. She is everything I hoped I would find for the major setbacks as well as the minor everyday life situations we deal with that we just need a tiny push to overcome. I would recommend her to everyone!

5 of 5 stars       May, 2015

Gina is great at what she does. My wife and I are working with her and 5 sessions in I can only say, “Wow.” She is well read, hands out great homework assignments, peels the bullshit away politely but firmly and gets down to business, and you can tell this what she loves to do. Highly recommend her.

5 of 5 stars     May, 2015

We needed to pick up the pieces after my husband’s affair was revealed and work out what to do. I was distraught, lost and alone and he was confused and ashamed. Neither of us had any experience of therapy and my husband was sceptical but committed to giving it a go- this was last resort stuff. Gina gave us the space to think about what had happened and to learn to start pointing in the right direction again. She uses her in depth experience to sympathise, empathise, explain and coach us through what we are feeling. My husband is rarely comfortable discussing his feelings but Gina quickly put him at his ease and gained his trust. We are hoping to rebuild, and make it better than before with the insights Gina has given us about what makes a strong marriage. We have still got a way to go but with Gina’s support and encouragement, I feel optimistic about the future.

5 of 5 stars      August, 2014

Gina is eternally compassionate, calm, and capable. I have seen therapists since I was small, and she is the first that truly connected with me past the everyday issues that plague every family, to really dig into the core issues underneath. Besides being a brilliant therapist, she is also a sweet and eternally approachable woman. I cannot thank her enough, and I hope you’ll also give her a chance.