Training & Webinars


HRI is an organization committed not only to helping couples and families but also to training therapists to bring cutting edge methodology, research and technique to therapists across Houston who want to work with couples and feel both confident and competent in doing so.  Working with more than one person in the room (whether the partner attends or not) is a very different skill set from working with individuals. We operate under the assumption that couples are looking for guidance, not just skillful listening. The stakes are high in relationships and the pressure this can put on couples is often misunderstood. Client satisfaction with marriage therapy ranks the lowest amongst all the psychotherapy being offered.  As a profession, we can do better.


Marriage Therapy and Couples Counseling has been available to families for decades. But only recently have we begun to fully understand why marriages succeed or fail.  Research on emotion, attachment, communication and neuroscience have provided new insight that allows us to help couples not just stay together but thrive. We offer a comprehensive, multi-modal approach that weaves together the best of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), The Gottman Method, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Pragmatic/Experiential Method for Couples (PEX).  We draw from each method in a way that ensures our approach is agile so that we can drill down on the unique circumstances of the couple sitting in front of us.

Workshops are both didactic and experiential and are designed to keep participants engaged in the learning process.  We will discuss real cases in a small group setting that allows for questions and discussions.  You will leave with tools you can immediately put to use.  Finally, plan on having fun and leaving energized!

Relationship Webinars

HRI offers multiple classes via GoToWebinar that allows you to learn new skills from the privacy of home.