Dear Clueless Husband,


I know you love your wife.  I know she’s the most important person in your life.  I even know that if she left, you would be lost.  Devastated even.  You are a good person with a good heart.  And this is precisely why I’m writing you this note.  Your wife is harboring secret thoughts she isn’t sharing with you.  I know this because I see women like your wife every day.  She’s lonely. She complains to me that you don’t pay attention to her.  That she feels emotionally disconnected from you.  That you spend too much time watching television or surfing on your iPad.    She keeps secretly wishing that you...

6 Steps to the Perfect Apology

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“I’m always the one who has to apologize.”  She says. “What?  You never apologize!  I can count on one hand how many times you’ve said you were sorry.  If anyone in this relationship apologizes it’s me,” he replies in indignation.  They are looking at one another as if the other were an alien living in an alternate reality.  Why?  Because they do live in separate realities and we don’t remember what was said.  We remember what we heard.  Write this down and post it on your fridge.  We don’t remember what was said, we remember what we heard.  That’s the only reality that matters.  So why doesn’t this couple have...