Should Opposites Attract?

conflict, couples, divorce, marriage

I’m in lovely St. Charles, Illinois today learning from  a master therapist, Dr. Brent Atkinson.  He is a professor, researcher, author and couples therapist who has spent the last 30 years honing his craft.  He asked us today to look at our partner through the lens of our nervous system.  Most of us never consider the idea that our individual nervous systems are largely responsible for how we experience and manage stress.  Ever notice how some people can be energized by stress or at least seem to let stress roll off them and others can barely make it until 5:00 p.m. each day?  There is a good chance that you married...

Dear Unfaithful Husband,

conflict, couples, divorce, marriage, therapy

You got caught. The two worlds you’ve been living in have come crashing together. Your wife is a wreck. Her mind is now contaminated and her anxiety and anger consumes her. She feels crazy and she is making you feel crazy. You were unprepared for her intense agony. You are wondering if she will ever be able to forgive you, move on and stop asking relentless questions.   The short answer is that this depends almost entirely on you and how you behave from this point forward. Though intense, her response is a normal reaction to trauma. Yes, trauma. The foundation of her life – her husband and intact family –...