Dear Angry Husband

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I know that you have gotten a raw deal in life when it comes to the expression of emotions. I know that from as early as your toddler days you started to hear “man up!” And if you expressed vulnerable emotions such as hurt feelings, fear of rejection, feeling unloved or inferior, you were looked at as weak or pathetic. Of course when you saw women express these feelings people were understanding so you began to suspect that these sorts of feelings were feminine and certainly not masculine. You saw men who expressed these feelings become a target of ridicule so this reinforced what you already suspected. I know that...

6 Steps to the Perfect Apology

couples, marriage

“I’m always the one who has to apologize.”  She says. “What?  You never apologize!  I can count on one hand how many times you’ve said you were sorry.  If anyone in this relationship apologizes it’s me,” he replies in indignation.  They are looking at one another as if the other were an alien living in an alternate reality.  Why?  Because they do live in separate realities and we don’t remember what was said.  We remember what we heard.  Write this down and post it on your fridge.  We don’t remember what was said, we remember what we heard.  That’s the only reality that matters.  So why doesn’t this couple have...