Welcome.  This site is for current clients, future clients and anyone who has ever been in a relationship.  I write about what I see every day in my office.  Here are some questions and comments I get a lot.

What is your approach to working with couples?
We tried marriage counseling before and it didn’t help.Show More
    There are several reasons why prior attempts at counseling may have been unsuccessful.  Sometimes one or both partners is not motivated.  They may show up to sessions but not be invested in doing the necessary work for change.  You may also have seen a general therapist that wasn’t trained in intensive couples work.  When interviewing a therapist, make sure they have extensive training and experience specifically in working with couples.  This is not something you can assume to be true.  And finally, it may have been a bad fit.  “Goodness of fit” is an essential part of successful outcomes in therapy.  If the relationship between the therapist and couple doesn’t feel right, continue interviewing until you find the perfect fit for your situation.
    My partner would never agree to come to marriage counseling.  Can I improve the relationship if I come by myself?
    We have normal problems but nothing crisis level.  Do we still need marriage counseling?
    I feel pretty hopeless that this marriage can be saved.  I don’t think I even want marriage counseling.
    I need help with my relationship issues but don’t want to bring my partner.  I want counseling just for me.

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